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Interior Design for moments of ease, elation, and everyday luxury.

Jazmyne Simmons

Jazmyne's meticulous and empathetic approach to design is rooted in her multicultural upbringing and her broad exposure to art, experiences, and style. Her exposure and time designing bespoke homes throughout the Washington metropolitan region inspired her vision to create a process that not only redefines luxury in homes but also encompasses empowering and educating clients throughout their design journey. She holds a BA in Architecture from The University of Pennsylvania.

Jazmyne Design Studio was founded in June 2022 and embodies the ethos that the spaces we create should have moments of ease, elation, and everyday luxury intertwined throughout them.


I’ve had the pleasure of initially working with Jazmyne during the construction phase of my first home. At the time I was new to the world of design and didn’t know what to expect in terms of process, costs, lead times etc. but fortunately I was able to lean on Jazmyne’s expertise. She assisted me in the selection and installation of finishes, which was ideal for me because I was able to have the developer install during the construction phase of my home using the items that we purchased which then eliminated the need to have to pay to change the developers finishes after closing on my home. I’ve learned that the sooner you can hire a designer to start the process, the more you can potentially save long term in regards to contracting labor. Once we were able to move in, I again relied on Jazmyne to assist me in designing and sourcing items for my primary bedroom, guest room and family room. She really took her time to understand my desired style in a why that highlighted my short and long term needs, helped guide me in creating a budget that we were able to effectively manage, and empowered me to feel confident in making choices that felt most genuine to the person I am today, and reflection of who I’d like my home to represent in the future. I’m confident that the pieces I’ve selected will be able to transition well into my forever home and look forward to expanding on and refreshing my evolving style in the future.Read More

Jazmyne consulted on the redesign of our dining room. She recommended closing the two arched doorways that opened to a bedroom and the hallway to our garage. We were able to add built in cabinets for extra storage and create one dramatic entrance. I also love the light fixture and wall color she chose for the space. The second picture is what the room looked like previously. Happy home owner! V. EdmondsRead More