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Our process

At Jazmyne Design Studio, we believe that quality, refined details add enormous value to your life and your home. Our clients love our attention to detail while designing, building, and managing their projects. We use the LIGAAYA process (lee-ga-yaa) Tagalog for Joy, our seven-step method for a successful conception to completion journey to ensure that your time with us is transparent, seamless, and joyful.

Step 1: Learn about you and your needs.

We’re excited you’re embarking on this potential journey with us! We start with a 30-minute discovery call to learn about your project, timeline, and goals. Come with questions; we’re happy to discuss our process and your potential investment.

Step 2: Introduction to our process.

Once your initial design fee has been paid, we’ll schedule a 2-part project kick-off. The first part focuses on your style and preferences. The second part focuses on functional needs, interior measurements, and trade logistics.

Step 3: Groundwork for success.

Consider this step the foundation of a good interior design project. We cross-check that all plans, trade teams, and logistics are in place. If a major renovation or construction project is involved, we will finalize architectural finishes such as lighting, tile, plumbing, and appliances. We will do that here if we haven’t completed the furniture budget.

Step 4: Align on the design vision.

This is usually the clients' favorite part! Here we’ll present the spatial plan, updated mood boards, renders (if applicable), and a total budget per room alongside items specified for that space. 

Step 5: Approve the design plan.

With a complete understanding of what you hope to achieve, we will get started with design. Once the design is approved, you’ll sign off on the final designs and turn over your furniture investment in total. Once we have secured your furnishing investment, we will place orders for all materials and products. This is done to control the arrival of furniture as best we can.

Step 6: Your least favorite part - waiting.

This part of the process is bustling for us, but often time feels slow for the client. Here is where all the trade fun happens. From painting, electrical, plumbing, millwork, and construction - we hire and manage all the work of the trade. Depending on the type of project, you may also need to plan to be out during this construction phase. 

Step 7: Arrange the installation.

We have a process to ensure that your space is furnished beautifully, efficiently, and in a timely manner. After we have at least 80-85% of your furniture, materials, and accessories in place, we will set an install date. We ask that clients schedule time away while our team brings your design to life during this time. Installations are a minimum of 2-3 days. We'll also schedule a cleaning, photography, and styling session on the final reveal day.

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